Self Referral for Unwanted Pregnancies- Marie Stopes

As the UK's largest abortion care charity, we're committed to helping more women access abortion services every year than any other organisation. Whether you have treatment funded by the NHS or choose to pay privately, we'll ensure you receive the highest quality care in the UK. 

Our services include:

  • pregnancy testing
  • unplanned pregnancy consultations and counselling
  • medical abortion
  • surgical abortion
  • sexual health screening
  • the full range of contraception including emergency contraception and long acting methods.


If a woman feels that an abortion is the right choice for her then she should have access to safe, supportive and non-judgmental advice and help from an expert clinic. No one else should pressure her into either continuing with the pregnancy or having an abortion. 

If you're pregnant and worried, be assured you are not alone. You matter and we are here to help you. Marie Stopes provides confidential, one-on-one treatment and will support you every step of the way. 

Our 24-hour information and booking line on 0345 300 8090 is there to answer your questions and arrange a fast, convenient appointment for you at one of our centres or clinics in the North West. We're also able to offer a telephone abortion consultation service, where you can arrange to have an initial abortion consultation over the phone with an experienced nurse at a time that suits you.

Self Referral Podiatry-Locala

We offer care for people with medical conditions that mean their feet are 'at risk‘ of developing complications such as foot ulceration, or people who have significant foot problems.

Referrals to the podiatry service can be made by using the ‘Referrals’ button on this webpage. Alternatively, patients can call Locala’s Single Point of Contact on 0300 304 5555 to make a referral.

Patients who are newly referred to the service will be offered either an initial phone call or a clinical consultation, where we will assess your needs. If you have any questions about your care, please contact Locala’s Single Point of Contact on 0300 304 5555.

Self Referral Continence Service -Locala

We have put together some self-care information about bladder and bowel health which will help you understand more about what you are experiencing and how you can try different ways to help improve your condition. Many continence issues can be improved or cured with some lifestyle changes or by following some simple exercises. 

Local Comissioning Group (CCG)

Clinical Commissioning Group (NKCCG)
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Telephone: 01484 464017