Surgery Charter

The doctors will always to their best for you, but need your help to provide quality care. Please show your support by following these simple guidelines:

  • Mobile Phones - Please turn your mobile off or onto silent whilst on the surgery premises. Please do not use your phone on the premises.
  • NHS Zero Tolerance - The practice operated a zero tolerance policy, any person using verbal or physical abuse will be removed from the practice list.
  • Please treat your Doctor and staff with politeness as you would expect to be treated by them.
  • Please cancel appointments in good time so the appointment can be re-used.
  • One appointment is for one person.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, you may be asked to make another appointment.
  • Please think twice before call a Doctor to your home, is a visit really necessary?
  • Please do not expect a prescription every time you visit the surgery, good advice is often the best treatment.
  • Please remember the Doctors are only human, they cannot solve all your problems and some illnesses cannot be cured.
  • Please keep children under control on the premises, they should not be allowed to wander unsupervised and may become at risk.
  • So we can maintain accurate records, please ensure you update us of any change of name, address, contact numbers etc.

As a patient, you can expect:

  • To be treated courteously at all times.
  • To be given information about the availability of services within the practice.
  • To be given an appointment as per your request where ever possible.
  • To be seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time and if not, to be given an explanation of the delay.
  • To be able to speak to any member of staff in private if you ask to do so.
  • To have your medical records treated in confidence.
  • To be kept fully informed about all aspects of your condition, possible treatments and side effects.